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GSS Marine Services (Plant) Order Ella F From Neptune Shipyards

GSS Marine Services have ordered the ELLA F from Neptune Shipyards in Holland. The ELLA F is a 34 x 15m shallow draft DP2 classed Eurotug. She will be officially launched at the end of March 2017.

The Ella F is a unique Eurotug design, which has been created in close cooperation with GSS Marine Services. The vessel is designed as a shallow draft vessel; operating drafts down to 1.75m and even less are possible. To be able to reach the required bollard pull, the vessel is equipped with three propellers. These are powered by Caterpillar C32 main engines. The vessels size also made it possible to install a number of large fuel tanks. With the vessel’s high bunkering capacity, she is able to stay at sea for long periods of time, making her well suited for towing.

Hydraulic power is supplied by an electric driven power pack. The deck equipment consists of a 100T/65T Ridderinkhof waterfall anchor handling / towing winch. In addition, a 10T tugger winch is fitted. A set of heavy duty hydraulic wire guide pins and wire catcher are fitted. Also on deck, a Heila HLRM 230-4SL crane is installed. The vessel is equipped with an extra wide stern roller with a width of 7m to be able to satisfy large anchor handling. All this, combined with the extra-large aft deck space makes the vessel highly suited for anchor handling.

The Ella F has spacious accommodation; on the main deck a total of 7 cabins for the vessels crew are located. In these cabins a total of 9 crew members can comfortably live onboard. Both the Captain’s and First Officer’s cabin have their own ensuite facilities, whilst the rest of the crew have shared bathroom facilities.

Below main deck the vessel has an additional 5 double cabins for passengers, also with shared bathroom facilities. In addition, a hospital cabin and hospital shower facilities are available. Below the main deck, a mess room and galley have been built with large cooler and freezer stores.

The Ella F will be one of the most versatile vessels in the industry because of the DP 2 classification. To accomplish this the vessel is equipped with two separate electrically driven tunnel thrusters at the stern, and an electrically driven steering grid thruster in the bow. These thrusters combined with the main engines give the vessel a very good DP capability plot.

The Ella F has a very large wheelhouse, with both forward and aft control stations. Also fitted is a number of extra desks, intended for surveyors and other additional crew for DP operations. The wheelhouse offers excellent all round visibility and a very good overview of the aft deck.

On deck, sea fastenings are installed for the storage of containers and extra accommodation units. Also, the plumbing connections for the extra accommodation units are pre-installed. The vessel is also prepared for the installation of four point winches and on deck a large capacity 2” fuel delivery hose reel is fitted.

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