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ABP Southampton Welcomes World's Largest Container Ship

The Port of Southampton has recently welcomed the largest container ship in the world – MOL Triumph.

At 400m long, that’s the equivalent of 27 double decker buses or 7 jumbo jets laid end to end.

She can carry up to 20,000 containers at a time. On her deck she has containers stacked 11 high and the same number below the deck. If all the containers were laid end to end they would reach from Southampton to London or 76.4 miles.

And her eco-credentials are impressive too, with energy saving technologies leading to fuel consumption and CO2 emissions being cut by up to 30%.

ABP Southampton Harbour Master Martin Phipps, explained MOL Triumph is just one of many giants due to visit the port this year.

“MOL Triumph is the largest container ship our pilots have brought into Southampton. Our pilot joined the ship at 1015 this morning south of the Isle of Wight and ensured she travelled safely through the Central Solent and Southampton Water to DP World.

With a vessel of this size it is important to ensure that other smaller vessels and leisure craft are keeping their distance. Our Patrol launch ensured any sight-seers were kept at the correct distance to allow MOL Triumph to continue safely.”

Martin Phipps, Harbour Master, ABP Southampton.

The new 20,000 TEU-class containerships are equipped with various highly advanced energy-saving technologies including low friction underwater paint, high efficiency propeller and rudder, Savor Stator as a stream fin on the hull body, and an optimized fine hull form.

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