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Trials were recently carried out to test the efficiency of a passive and active radar target enhancer located in two locations around the Harwich and Felixstowe Harbour area. An Echomax EMTH100cm trihedral with an estimated response of 15000M2 and an Echomax ActiveX RTE with a stated performance level of 118m2 were chosen to be sited at Landguard Fort and at Shotley Marina. Radar image data was gathered from the X-Band radar aboard the Trinity House Vessel (THV) Alert. The purpose of the trial was to compare the vessel’s true position, based on DGPS, with that of a radar based positioning solution using a radar absolute positioning algorithm to provide latitude and longitude. The positions of the reflectors were precisely surveyed. The principle of operation of the algorithm is such that knowledge of the source of radar reflections from those precisely marked locations can be fed into the radar positioning algorithm. The goal is to achieve 10 m (95%) positioning accuracy to support IMO Port Approach accuracy requirement.

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