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Launch of the first Marine Safety Academy in the UK - The Solent Marine Safety Academy

MRS Training & Rescue (formerly known as Mines Rescue Marine) in partnership with Fire Aid, are pleased to announce the launch of the Solent Marine Safety Academy.

The new Academy, the first Marine Safety Academy in the UK, is a joint project between the two specialist marine training companies, Fire-Aid Academy Ltd and MRS Training & Rescue. The project is now nearing completion and will be officially opened at a launch party on Friday 6th October, by Mr Steve Clinch, Head of the Marine Accident Investigation branch.

The aim of the new Academy is to provide a comprehensive package of safety training to the marine and associated industries, in a unique environment on the water at Hythe, Southampton. The training ground is designed on a floating pontoon with a student accommodation block, a firefighting area on the deck of the pontoon, and specialist enclosed space training inside the hull. It has been set up to be as real to life on ship as possible, giving students a sense of what life will be like at sea.

The joining together of the two foremost fire and enclosed space training companies enables the provision of training and standby cover on board ships around the world.

The launch party takes place on Friday 6th October, Boarding the Blue Funnel Cruise Ship from Ocean Village Southampton at 11am, enjoying a sail on the Solent to the pontoon at Hythe. On arrival, you’ll have the chance to experience our new confined / enclosed space training facilities as well as our fire training, watch a demonstration of a fire and rescue taking pace, and hear from and chat to our experts. Then enjoy a buffet lunch on the return trip to Southampton, arriving back at approx. 2.30pm.

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