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CENTAFLEX-AR replaces a worn out CENTAFLEX-A flexible coupling without the need to dismantle the dri

This quick and easy replacement solution saves you time and money!

What do you do when one of the most versatile and reliable flexible couplings reaches the end of its working life and you need to fit a replacement? Quickly.

As part of the CENTAFLEX-A range, the CENTAFLEX-AR is designed for use on ‘O’ type couplings size 25 – 600, enabling engineers to replace that worn out CF-A coupling quickly and easily. Without the need to strip the drive.

Whilst the CENTAFLEX-AR is a single-piece coupling with exactly the same vibration and noise eliminating attributes as the conventional CF-A, there is one critical difference. The CF-AR is split at one point. This means that it can be installed around the drive, without the need to dismantle it.

All that needs to be done is to cut the old coupling away and then slot the replacement CF-AR around the shaft. You then simply bolt the ends of the new coupling together, using the two washers provided and the installation is complete within minutes.

This means that operational downtime is minimised and precious time and money has been saved, without any loss of operational performance.

CENTAFLEX-A is one of the most versatile flexible couplings available and is installed in countless applications in many different industries. Not only does it overcome four-way misalignment, it is available in a wide range of model types and SAE sizes, and copes with a wide range of nominal torques.

It is used in a plethora of applications in the plant, rail, marine and wind power industries, connecting the gearbox, electric motor, compressor, PTO drive, generator, pump, driveshaft or water jet to the diesel engine or hydraulic drive.

Find out more about the CF-AR and the full CF-A range by calling the Centa technical team on 01274 531034, email to or by visiting the website at

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