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Reliable Ultrasonic Thickness Gauging for Extremely Corroded Metals

The award-winning Cygnus MK5 surface thickness gauges developed by Cygnus Instruments, the leading manufacturer of digital ultrasonic thickness gauges, offers a simple solution for measuring metals with extreme corrosion or back wall pitting while having the ability to measure through coatings up to 20 mm thick.

All Cygnus gauges employ the Cygnus-pioneered Multiple-Echo technique to measure metal thickness without removing coatings while the inherent error-check algorithm ensures accurate and repeatable readings. Versatile Multi-Measuring Modes The PLUS models are equipped with Single-Echo and Echo-Echo measuring modes. Using twin crystal probes, both modes can assist in obtaining measurements in areas of extreme corrosion or back wall pitting: • Single-Echo mode - ideal for measuring uncoated surfaces with heavy front face and/or back-wall corrosion and attenuative materials such as cast metals, plastics and composites. • Echo-Echo mode - used for measuring painted metals but with heavy back wall pitting for improved back wall detection. Additional Features

The MK5 range of ultrasonic thickness gauges consists of 5 models offering a comprehensive array of features including: A-scan and B-scan displays; “hands free” units for climbing or rope access; manual and automatic gain control; vibrate alert to warn the operator when the measurement is out of tolerance; Bluetooth data transfer; and the intuitive and easy-to-use Cygnus menu. MSI™ Measurement Stability Indicator MSI™ is both clever and simple. Used in Single-Echo and Echo-Echo modes, this technique is unique to Cygnus and samples returning echoes to ensure they are all identical. If the returning echoes are identical the display changes colour (or format) which indicates the reading is stable and therefore reliable. Sequential and Comprehensive Data Logging

There are two data logging models in the range, one offering simple sequential measurements to be recorded while the other offers comprehensive data logging where the user can add defined text comments, create templates and add radial measurements around a last logged measurement point. The comprehensive data logging also features Grid Format, offering 16 directional formats. Both models record up to 5,000,000 measurement points as well as the A-scans. Data logging models are supplied with the CygLink Software - a Windows® application for PC’s running Windows 7 and above, used for uploading data from a data logging gauge. The data can then be analysed, stored or exported as a .pdf report or .csv file. Extremely Rugged Enclosure Designed for use in the most severe operating conditions, the purpose designed enclosure is both extremely tough and strong while remaining ergonomic and light weight.

The twin shot injection moulded enclosure has a soft but durable TPE outer skin which is both comfortable and extremely durable while the inner shell is strong, keeping the electronics totally sealed from the outside world.

As a result, the range has achieved the tough American Military Standard MIL SPEC 810G for environmental protection; these gauges will survive the harshest operating conditions including drop, vibration, dust and water ingress (IP67) together with low and high temperature cycling. To find out more, please visit:

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