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Iceni Defender sets the availability standard at Galloper Offshore Windfarm for Manor Renewable Ener

Iceni Marine Services are pleased to be supporting Manor Renewable Energy at the Galloper Offshore Wind Farm project with their new build vessel, Iceni Defender.

Galloper Wind Farm is a 336MW offshore wind farm project for 56 wind turbines, currently being constructed 30km off the coast of Suffolk. The project will be fully operational in 2018, generating enough power for up to 336,000 homes. Around 700 UK jobs are being created during the construction of the wind farm with 90 long-term East Coast jobs once it is operational. Development and construction is being led by innogy SE on behalf of the other project partners.

Manor Renewable Energy have been employed by Siemens Wind Power to supply, install, commission, refuel and maintain temporary generators.

Iceni Defender is running daily from Great Yarmouth, transferring crew and equipment to assist with the temporary power solution for the Wind Turbine Generator installation and commissioning. The work has seen the Iceni Defender move near constantly for between 12 to 14 hours per day, whilst the vessel has performed very well providing 100% availability.

Iceni Defender is the third of four 23m crew transfer vessels owned and operated by Iceni, each capable of transferring 12 passengers in up to 2m wave heights and operating at speeds of up to 30 knots. Outfitted to a very high standard to maximise passenger comfort, Iceni’s 23m vessels have been developed following a large research and development programme together with Iceni’s in-house marine expertise.

In order to assist Manor Renewable Energy, Iceni have also provided facilities at their head office in Lowestoft.

Richard Thurlow, Director: “Iceni vessels have been working at neighbouring windfarms for over 8 years. With Iceni Marine Services having its history in Great Yarmouth and Lowestoft, employing local people and purchasing from the local supply chain, it is really pleasing to work on another project directly supporting the local area. The work at Galloper has been very demanding but I am enormously proud of both the Iceni Defender and the crew’s performance. Despite establishing a very high benchmark, Iceni have continued to improve with each one of our 23m vessels”.

Eric Briar, Director – Manor Renewable Energy: “Iceni, the Iceni Defender and her crews have gone the extra mile to assist us with making our project a success. We very pleased to have selected Iceni and their vessel for the project ".

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