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Defending the Isle Of Wight

Jenkins Marine was commissioned by a private client who has a coastal property on the Isle of wight, and required a contractor to deliver and position about 200t of rock for essential sea defence work.

The 35m Deck Cargo Barge JML 35 was loaded with suitable rocks in the Jenkins Marine yard in Poole using an excavator with a rock grab attachment. The 26m x 9m spud leg muti-Cat AVON was used to tow the loaded barge to the site.

When close to the site the AVON ‘hipped up’ to the jml35. This enabled the use of the spud legs on the AVON to secure herself, and secure JML35 in position during unloading operations. This was a tidal critical operation given the necessity to operate so close to the shore. The client told us: "This has indeed been a very successful operation - you have run it perfectly. We could immediately see (the rocks) effect in damping the sea energy at high-tide..."

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