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Tritex NDT have received an enormous level of interest and orders since launching their new range of gauges specifically for surveyors of small craft. These include the new Multigauge 5650 Surveyor thickness gauge, for measuring both metal and GRP, and the Multigauge 5300 GRP thickness gauge for just measuring GRP. Both gauges are based on the already very popular original Multigauge 5600 and have new features specifically designed for marine surveyors.

The Multigauge 5650 Surveyor gauge can be used with existing standard soft faced probes for measuring metal thickness through coatings, up to 20mm thick, to give the same high standard of performance as the Multigauge 5600. However, by simply exchanging the probe, the gauge automatically switches to GRP measurement mode which uses single echo. This can be used to assess the condition of GRP when checking for osmosis and delaminations. Either probe can also be used in echo – echo mode, if required, by easily selecting the option from the keypad during measurement, with no special probes required for this function. For metal measurement, the gauge utilises the Multiple Echo technique to ignore coatings up to 20mm thick and just measures the metal substrate. No grinding or removal of the coatings is required, significantly reducing preparation time and ultimately saving both time and money when carrying out inspections. All probes have Intelligent Probe Recognition (IPR), which automatically adjusts settings in the gauge when connected, resulting in a perfectly matched probe and gauge for enhanced performance. Also, the Automatic Measurement Verification System (AMVS) used with multiple echo ensures only true measurements are displayed, even on the most heavily corroded metals.

The Multigauge 5300 GRP gauge has been specifically designed to check for osmosis, blistering and delaminations in GRP hulls. GRP measurement has traditionally been difficult to achieve but Tritex NDT have developed their gauge to use a single echo technology with a special probe for excellent performance.

Both gauges have large modern colour displays and an easy to use clear graphic menu. They have been designed in line with Tritex’s concept of Simple, Accurate and Robust. Intuitive menus allow for easy navigation. There are also datalogging versions of each gauge available which allow the user to store measurements on the gauge in either a grid, string or combination of both, giving complete versatility. The datalogging function is wireless which means that real time measurements can be displayed on a PC or laptop up to 500m away. Templates can be setup before carrying out the inspection.

Only single crystal probes are used, which have a number of advantages when measuring on curved and corroded surfaces.

Tritex NDT is a leading manufacturer of thickness gauges. All gauges are designed and manufactured in the UK and supplied as complete kits, ready to use, with a 3 year warranty and free annual calibration for the life of the gauge. An optional leather case protects the gauge in even the harshest of environments.

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