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According to energy advisors, warehouses spend on average 15% of their budget on energy bills every year. Mechanical ventilation can contribute to a high percentage of this spend. In this article, we explore the importance of effective warehouse ventilation.

Like many hazards, poor ventilation poses a risk to employee health, machines and equipment as well as goods and products. To avoid negative impacts on businesses ventilation hazards must be eliminated. These include a reduction in productivity, a decreased yield, machines or equipment malfunctioning and damages to goods.

Whether you work in an office or a warehouse, indoor air quality is a significant factor in productivity and behaviour. Warehouses however, with their vast storage areas and high ceilings that are in constant change due to stock movement and distribution, face ongoing ventilation and temperature battles. Natural ventilation can help to maintain a good air quality but it is often difficult to maintain a uniform air temperature distribution. In summer, an incorrectly ventilated warehouse can become overheated as temperatures rise and machinery rolls on, while in winter the cold air from outside will rush in through the open doors and create discomfort.

In addition to the usual challenges in warehouse ventilation, port and quayside shipping warehouse locations are often subject to the corrosive nature of salt water. Therefore, ventilation solutions need to be made from components that can withstand the harsh environment.

Commercial roof fans can be used as an efficient and cost effective solution to maintain the indoor air quality within commercial warehouses and to increase the comfort level and productivity of employees.

Warehouse ventilation projects are common occurrences at Axair. Having recently been approached to fit out a large production warehouse with no ventilation, we are familiar with the challenges facing businesses.

Following a visit to the site to examine the requirements, the use of multiple commercial centrifugal roof fans cased in seawater-resistant galvanised steel was advised. The DV range of fans, from supply partner Rosenberg, feature a vertical outlet to draw out the stale, warm air. The use of multiple fans rather than one large fan was advised to ensure the even distribution of ventilation across the building. The arrangement of the fans also allows for easy fixing onto the roof via a galvanised sheet steel fixing plate and is designed for higher pressure applications as an alternative to a standard axial fan. Variants in stainless steel or with horizontal outlet air hoods are available.

It is important to remember all aspects of a business. Warehousing is commonly one area that can be neglected. In any warehouse, companies will be looking to save money but they also have a responsibility to their staff. Productive employees should be provided with a comfortable working environment. For more information about Axair Fan’s warehouse ventilation solutions.

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