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The recent Minimax 25 Skimmer that Zwanny recommended and supplied, to The Port of London (PLA) is used in a fast response craft and has been used in a number of training scenario’s, all working well and is now ready to be used in anger.

In the future, the port authority is looking for further Lamor Minimax 25 Skimmer systems, like MCA and one of the oil companies they can see several benefits using this skimmer system, that Zwanny- Ltd put forward to them.

One of the benefits being that the Lamor Minimax 25 Skimmer Disc Bank has got marine grade aluminium discs that are more robust to other skimmers in the market with plastic based discs.

The skimmer is very light weight (less than 23kg) and compact in size (852mm long x 853mm wide x 464mm high) and if required it could be carried by one person. The skimmer will collect less than 2% of water when in use and has got the certified capacity to collect 26m3/hr in brush mode.

The skimmer can be supplied with a brush/drum/disc bank which are very easy and quick to change over and are able to be used on any type of hydrocarbon spill from light diesel to crude oil.

Zwanny have got a number of the Minimax 25 Skimmer Systems in stock for a quick delivery. The system would consist of a skimmer, hose set and powerpack with pump to get the best performance. If there are hydraulics via another source, like a vacuum truck, the skimmer can be used in this way too.

Please contact us to discuss your skimmer applications:

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