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Reinforcing its commitment to design and manufacture its own innovative life-saving distress beacons and survival equipment, ACR Electronics Inc. has upgraded its manufacturing facilities to strengthen and safeguard its industry-leading, in-house production capabilities for future years. The safety and survival specialist has announced significant investment in a new Surface Mount Technology (SMT) line at its Florida headquarters. The integration of the latest circuit board production and inspection equipment ensures that ACR Electronics can maintain precise and superior quality control, efficient process management, rapid response to market and customer demand, and design products using the latest technology without the need to rely on any third-party manufacturers.

John Nguyen, President of ACR Electronics, said: “The history of ACR Electronics is built upon a strong ethos to manufacture our own products, and we are very proud to say that our range is made in the USA. With this new investment, we have further enhanced our outstanding ability to maintain direct control over our entire manufacturing process, and ensure that the product quality, reliability and order lead time live up to the expectations of our customers. We have the ability to take an order and ship it in the same week without facing unexpected delays due to the technical and delivery issues of an outsourced manufacturer, unlike some other industry participants.

“Our primary focus is to retain the confidence of all our customers as a trusted, reliable partner to supply high-quality products and meet delivery expectations. By using the new high performance SMT equipment to build our own circuit boards, we will be able to offer high levels of flexibility and accuracy, control a fast and agile supply chain with low production lead times, and respond dynamically and quickly at all times.”

The new SMT line at ACR Electronics consists of specially selected equipment, including Surface Mount i-Pulse M20 with new Multi-Conveyor System to provide the highest large board handling capability and high feeder capacity, plus Solder Paste Printer YCP10 and high-end Optical Inspection System YSi-V for advanced Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) of the circuit boards.

Recognized as one of the highest performing manufacturers in the state as a winner at the 2018 Florida Sterling Manufacturing Business Excellence Awards, Broward County-based ACR Electronics is certified to worldwide AS9100 D and ISO-9001:2008 standards. Its extensive in-house manufacturing, development and testing capabilities include: 3D Modeling, Finite Element Analysis, PCB and PCA design, EMI problem solving in RF design, custom battery pack and remote switch design and conformal coating of circuit boards.

ACR Electronics has over 60 years of experience in developing, manufacturing and supporting lifesaving products including Emergency Position-Indicating Radio Beacons (EPIRBs), Personal Locator Beacons (PLBs), Emergency Locator Transmitters (ELTs), SARTs, AIS devices, Rescue Strobe Lights and more for the fishing, recreational and commercial sectors.

For more information on ACR Electronics and ARTEX beacons and other safety equipment, go to:

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