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It is a small price to pay for a great little multiskimmer. The Foilex Micro weir skimmer, that is a stock item in the Zwanny-Ltd range of products.

This weir skimmer only needs a pump to operate that can also be supplied from (the Zwanny range of pumps) or can be used with just a vacuum truck. When in use the unique self-adjusting flow weir control will have the skimmer always parallel to the surface. Due to the skimmer design, the Micro weir skimmer will automatic compensate for waves and swells and remain working. The skimmer is designed to be used on light to medium oils or what also has worked well the skimmer was put to use on duckweed and did take out a lot of duck weed from several canals in the London area.

Depending on the pump and when used on an oil spill the normal skimmer capacity is just over 15m3/hr (depending of the pump). The micro weir skimmer will have a collection rate of 95% oil and 5% water. The flow of the pump will regulate the flow of the skimmer and does cut the costs of having to use a diesel hydraulic powerpack.

Due to the very shallow draft of the skimmer it can work well near shorelines and shallow waters.

The Micro weir skimmer is a small and portable and very light weight (17kg) and when unfolded, only measures, 1370 x 1250 x 520mm.

As the micro weir skimmer’s metal components are made from stainless steel and the polymer is chemical resistant it can even be used in oil pits or in several industrial applications.

Why not get in contact with Zwanny to discuss this very useful and cost effective skimmer.

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