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Reach and Rescue are the forerunners in water rescue innovation – the unique and versatile long reach telescopic rescue pole system - and it has been a testament to the success of this lifesaving innovation by winning a range of awards throughout 2018.

From Innovation of the year and overall product winner at Venturefest Northwest, Highly Commended for Technical Innovation at Seatrade Maritime Awards in MENA and India, through to Exporter of the year at the UK Business Awards, Reach and Rescue have been recognised for the uniqueness, success and lifesaving innovation.

The company started eight years after firefighters in the UK realised that they were missing a vital component in their water rescue procedure and needed an innovative solution. Reach and Rescue created the innovative, longest and versatile long reach telescopic rescue pole in the world, revolutionising the way water rescues are carried out and saving lives. The pole itself can be extended to an unmatched length of 17 metres and can be deployed to the casualty with directional accuracy in just 20 seconds. The rigid, carbon fibre construction of the pole allows the operator to deploy regardless of the weather or general conditions, making it ideal for use throughout the world.

Today, the Reach and Rescue Pole is used by 80% of the UK fire and emergency services and is sold in over 46 countries. It is now increasingly being used by a wide range of companies within the maritime industry.

Through one of their distributors, Dacon in Norway, PGS have now incorporated the rescue system as part of their ‘Man Overboard’ procedure and for assisting in the running of their business. PGS deal with seismic exploration and have a large fleet of vessels across the globe. Each of which have smaller vessels supporting the larger ships. It is on these smaller vessels that PGS have implemented the Reach and Rescue Pole system.

They have the pole, together with the body hook, and the carbon fibre line hook, and have introduced these onto their support vessels due to the fact that the system keeps their workers safe.

It has improved both their rescue capability and controlling direction having recently used the carbon fibre hook with BP in the Gulf of Mexico. Their workers can reach into the sea without exposing themselves to danger.

The body hook has allowed them to get the ‘right position’ to ensure that the casualty can be placed on a rescue net or Dacon scoop. PGS can hook onto a wide range of things, human or other without any additional risk.

To quote Einar Nielson, VP and Maritime Technology Advisor for PGS, the Reach and Rescue pole system is, “A very good additional rescue tool, which adds value to the other tools that they have” and at all times keeping the operator safe.

For more information call: +44 (0) 3301 595088

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