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Never Be Up The Zwanny For Skimmers!

You never have to be up the Zwanny for skimmer requirements, as Zwanny has got a full scope of skimmers across the full range made by Lamor.

One of the recent skimmers that seems to be the “in” skimmer system to have in the arsenal of pollution equipment is the Minimax 12 skimmer system.

The Minimax 12 is a light, portable oleophilic skimmer, that is supplied as a standard with a brush bank, but can be supplied with the options of a disc or drum bank.

The Minimax 12 is a very easy to use skimmer and is easy to change the options on the operation mode.

The skimmer sytem is designed to recover hydrocarbons from shorelines, harbours, rivers, brooks and lakes.

The skimmer has proven its efficiency in continuous recovery operations in hundreds of oil spills worldwide in all climatic conditions and across a range of spilled hydrocarbon types.

The Minimax 12 utilizes the well proven Lamor brush wheel system, which combines high oil recovery capacity with a low free water collection of less than 5%.

The brush wheels recover any floating hydrocarbons which remain fluid.

The Minimax body is made from fibre glass and is less than 30kg to pickup. The skimmer is fully hydraulically operated and is designed to be connected to a suction pump or vacuum system.

Zwanny can offer a number of pumps to suit the application whether that be a spate type of pump built into the powerpack or a lobepump with a separate powerpack, we have got all the options available. We do recommend to use a filter box to collect any floating debris when skimming.

We will be at Seaworks at Stand A77 together with Lamor and we will be happy to show and discuss your skimmer applications, if you are not able to visit Seawork why not contact us via our website We look forward to hearing from you.

Tel: +44 (0)1633 968 083

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