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Scania Showcases its Sustainable Marine Engine Solutions at Seawork 2019

Scania is one of the world’s oldest and largest automotive manufacturers whose products – which include a range of class-leading marine engines for propulsion and ancillary applications – are in daily service in more than 100 countries worldwide.

A 13 litre DI13M

Scania has a long-held commitment to minimising the environmental impact of its products and manufacturing operations, an objective which has developed today into a major programme designed to drive the shift towards more sustainable transport solutions.

The company’s commitment to sustainability takes centre stage at Seawork 2019, where two engines which fully compliant with the International Maritime Organisation’s Tier III emissions standard are being displayed on its stand, Q20.

Both of these power units – a six cylinder, 13-litre DI13M and a V8, 16-litre DI16M – feature Scania’s highly fuel-efficient XPI injection system and utilise selective catalytic reduction (SCR) to meet the IMO Tier III standard. This system reduces emissions of nitrous oxides by more than 70 percent. The engines can also be run on HVO, (hydrotreated vegetable oil), a biodiesel which delivers reductions of carbon dioxide emissions compared to conventional diesel.

“While the IMO Tier III standard is already in force in the North American and United States Caribbean Sea areas, all new ships constructed on or after 1 January 2021 destined to operate in European waters will also require IMO Tier III-compliant engines,” says David Bamber, General Manager – Scania Engines for Scania (Great Britain) Limited. “The same holds true for any ships replacing an engine with a non-identical engine or installing an additional engine. In bringing its IMO Tier III engines to market two years ahead of the standard becoming mandatory, Scania is helping the industry plan and prepare for the transition as operators focus more and more on sustainability.”

Scania Marine Engines

Scania produces marine engines in the power range 162-846kW (220 - 1,150hp). The company’s products combine low revs with high torque and are ideally suited to a wide range of propulsion and ancillary applications, including fishing vessels, ferries, fast patrol boats and survey ships.

All Scania engines are based on a robust design with a strength-optimised cylinder block containing wet cylinder liners that can easily be exchanged. Individual cylinder heads with four valves per cylinder promotes fuel economy and ease of maintenance. A Scania developed Engine Management System, EMS, ensures the control of all aspects related to engine performance. The injection system is based on electronically controlled unit injectors that gives low exhaust emissions with good fuel economy and a high torque already at low revs. Scania engines can be fitted with many accessories such as air cleaners, PTOs, transmissions and type approved instrumentation in order to suit a variety of installations.

Scania Aftersales Service

Scania offers 86 service points in the UK, approximately 1,000 in Europe and is present in more than 100 countries globally, meaning operators of Scania engines are never far from their nearest Scania service point. All Scania dealers offer parts and service, with assistance available 24/7 via Scania’s dedicated operator service, Scania Assistance.

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