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Jenkins Marine Deliver from Teeside to Poole

Jenkins Marine’s twinscrew, Motor Tug Handfast has successfully returned 50m x 14m pontoon ‘JML 50’ from Teeside to Poole on behalf of their client ‘Manor Renewable Energy’, with two 17ft Aluminium WFSV Crew Transfer Vessels, the MPI Cervantes and MPI Cardenio loaded on board, bound for delivery back to Manor’s headquarters at Portland, UK.

Manor Renewable Energy Managing Director Eric Briar commented;

"We have the capability at our Portland facility to build and/or refurb several vessels at a time; when these vessels were put up for sale we immediately saw the potential… Once we strip them both down, totally re-engine and increase the overall length by 3 metres, we will basically own two brand new vessels in just over 8 weeks time.”

On arrival the two vessels will be offloaded for their refit and upgrade, enabling the pontoon to be readied for its next job.

Tel: +44 (0)1202 668558

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