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New SL-C510 with Satellite Connectivity: A New Era in Aids to Navigation

Monitoring & Control – Essentials For The Marine Industry

Sealite recently announced the release of the SL-C510, an innovative, next generation solar marine lantern designed to bring a new level of performance and efficiency to aids to navigation operations and maintenance. Sealite’s new SL-C510 solar-powered marine lantern combines new connectivity technologies with class leading features to deliver up to 9 nautical-mile visible range. The innovative lantern provides advanced monitoring and control features utilising Bluetooth®, AIS and Satellite Technology.

The SL-C510 is available in a compact, extended and AIS solar chassis making it suitable for use on fixed and floating stations. The new integrated OLED (organic light-emitting diode) display with touch pad, allows users to check the diagnostics of the lantern with the touch of a button, revolutionising the way you monitor your lantern saving time and money.

Alternative monitoring and control options are available with integrated Bluetooth® Technology via the SealitePro® App for convenient in-field set-up, configuration and maintenance up to 50 metres away via your phone or tablet.

In addition, the SealitePro® App includes a solar calculator enabling you to ensure the lantern will work in the specific location. Plus, the innovative design of the lantern is available with a class-leading integrated, low-powered AIS Type 1 or Type 3 option. With AIS inside, the SL-C510 is significantly easier and cheaper to install than other AIS solutions.

New to the Sealite Marine Lantern portfolio is an integrated global satellite communication module. Using the Iridium® Low Earth Orbit satellite network, the SL-C510 can be monitored and controlled anywhere on earth with an integrated satellite module enabled with two-way functionality. Using the Star2M® portal with Asset Management features, users can now monitor and control their lanterns remotely and perform in-field asset management.

“The SL-C510 is the first small form factor lantern in the mid-range space incorporating two-way global satellite technology, OLED display, Bluetooth® connectivity and exclusive monitoring and control options. This is a game changer for maintenance staff with easy and fast maintenance now a viable option. We are proud to continue to deliver class leading features to improve the way customers manage their valuable aids to navigation assets” commented Chris Procter, Sealite CEO.

With dual connectivity onsite and onshore, the new SL-C510, 9 nautical mile marine lantern is a modern, innovative, cost effective approach to aids to navigation ownership, and is the forefront in the future of aids to navigation and technology.

For more information about the SL-C510 solar marine lantern please call or visit:

Call: +44 (0)1502 588 026

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