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Solasafe Screens Installed on British Offshore Crew Boats

South Shields, UK based Solar Solve Marine recently dispatched 2 consignments of their brand-leading products to Cheoy Lee shipyard in Hong Kong. Each order was for 14 of the company’s Type Approved SOLAROLA sunscreens that were destined to be installed at the navigation bridge windows of two British owned offshore crewing and supply boats.

Both vessels were built for UK-based owners Njord Offshore Ltd and are 22mts Long, 8mts beam, with a depth of 1.5mts and 250 grt.

Solar Solve Chairman, John Lightfoot MBE commented, “When the oil price plummeted some years ago we saw a considerable drop in the building of platform supply vessels as offshore oil production was cut back significantly. Fortunately, at around the same time, the installation of offshore wind farms began and has continued to grow ever since. It is a relatively new market needing small versatile, maneuverable vessels to ferry parts and personnel to and around the wind farms.”

“The team at Solar Solve are delighted to have won this order and are confident that, with SOLAROLA sunscreens protecting the people who work in the wheelhouse, they will be better able to concentrate on the job-in-hand and complete their tasks with added safety.”

Full details of Solar Solve Marine and its Type Approved brand leading SOLASOLV® and ROLASOLV® product ranges are available from the company’s website at:

Or by e-mail:

Or telephone; +44 191 454 8595

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