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Return to Haslar Marina for Jenkins Marine

Jenkins Marine are back dredging in Haslar Marina for marina operators Dean and Reddyhoff. Haslar is an all tide 650 berth marina which requires regular maintenance dredging and this year there is an estimated 30,000m3 to dredge, with part of the dredge including adjacent neighbours the ‘Royal Naval Sailing Association’ (RNSA). Both sites are located just inside Portsmouth Harbour entrance, and opposite the iconic Spinnaker tower.

To facilitate the dredge, not only have many berth holders’ vessels had to be moved but also large sections of main walkway pontoons have been removed as well. Works commenced on 9th September and should be completed by the end of October 2019.

Vessels working on this dredging project will include 30m backhoe dredger ‘Doreen Dorward’ with 50t long reach excavator, and 300m3 capacity self-propelled split hopper barges ‘Nab’ and ‘Needles’.

Director Dan Jenkins commented: “I am delighted that we can continue to work closely with valued clients Dean and Reddyhoff Marinas. The fact that we are returning to this site for the fourth year in a row is a testament to the great work and good relationships with our dredging team, and the clients ongoing commitment to continue investment in their marina”.

You can see a video of the dredging in progress at:

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