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Jenkins Marine Utility Vessel Goes Diving

Jenkins Marine’s versatile utility vessel AVON is currently being chartered by ‘Commercial and Specialised Diving Ltd’ to provide a working platform for dive teams to undertake underwater condition surveys, monitoring and maintenance work for a selection of marine infrastructure projects. These include load bearing tubular piles for bridge structures and quayside structures. The work is being undertaken on behalf of a local authority, in accordance with strict operating guidelines.

AVON’s 12m long spud legs are ideal for holding the workboat in an accurate position for this work. The 120tm deck crane has been used to great effect to provide a man rider basket for diver recovery and for handling large sacrificial anodes which are being replaced as part of the works.

AVON also offers Divers a large working deck area of over 100m2, perfect for carrying a dive control cabin. The vessel’s spacious welfare facilities are also particularly welcome when working long days in the cooler autumnal weather! Works are progressing well and are anticipated to take 3 weeks to complete during October.

Call: +44 (0)1202 668558

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