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DLM’s Harley Avery Wins the LEEA Apprentice of the Year Award 2019

Dynamic Load Monitoring (UK) Ltd, specialists in the design, manufacture and calibration of Load Cells and Load Monitoring equipment attended the well renowned LiftEx event in Milton Keynes this November. At the event DLM were short listed for two awards, the first being, Innovative Product of the Year award whereby they showcased their DL 3.0 Data Logger and the second, for Apprentice of the Year award, with their Apprentice Calibration Technician, Harley Avery.

DLM had a busy couple of days contributing to the successful LEEA event, they were exhibiting and networking in the exhibition hall, catching up with fellow industry friends and winning new interest in their current products. DLM came to Milton Keynes with their collection of TW 3.0 products, including, the DL 3.0 Data Logger which was presented by Managing Director, Martin Halford at the Innovation Product awards ceremony.

As a small business, Dynamic Load Monitoring (UK) Ltd help each other progress through their careers; they value each team member, working together to achieve great things. In particular, one of their team members, Harley Avery, had shown exceptional skills training to become a calibration technician in their engineering department. Furthermore, DLM were pleased to have won the Apprentice of the Year award this year at the prestigious event put on by LEEA. Harley Avery won his deserved award on the evening of 13th, a great evening of entertainment and more celebrated winners.

The company has a diverse range of ages, older and younger; with the belief that everyone should have the chance to enjoy and work in our exciting industry. Giving young people the opportunity to learn through apprenticeships is something DLM value. They acknowledge the importance of giving young people a start in the industry, and eliminating the stigma that comes with apprenticeships, especially as career choices for the younger generation are now so vast. DLM could not be prouder of their team member Harley to have achieved this award, a great initiative by LEEA to show the effort young people put in to their apprenticeships.

Harley’s performance in both on-the-job and off-the-job training has constantly been outstanding. Harley has been working with DLM for two years attaining his apprenticeship through Southampton Engineering Training Association (SETA). In the first section of his apprenticeship he studied at SETA learning general engineering, he then went on to do day release, to broaden his knowledge of on the job training. Harley’s work effort and determination brings a spark to DLM and they are thrilled that LEEA has acknowledged this.

Overall, a successful time spent at LiftEx this year for DLM, they look forward to returning to the awards evening and exhibition next year.

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