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Brimmond Invests in New Stock Fleet to Strengthen Marine Crane Offering

The Aberdeenshire-based provider of hydraulic, lifting and mechanical equipment and services has invested heavily in expanding their fleet of stock marine cranes to meet soaring customer demand.

Recognising current lead times for new marine cranes are lengthy and causing issues for clients, Brimmond – the exclusive UK and Ireland provider and servicer of Heila Marine Cranes – has a wide range of cranes in its fleet, with four available immediately in the UK.

Heila models available in 2023:

  • Heila HLM8-2S: 1200kg @ 7.43m;

  • Heila HLM10-3S: 940kg @ 10.3m;

  • Heila HLM25-3S: 2200kg @ 10.5m;

  • Heila HLM25-5S: 1200kg @ 14.7m;

  • Heila HLRM45-5S: 1750kg @ 14.9m.

Celebrating a successful year since the partnership with Heila, Brimmond is continuing to stock, rent, refurbish, repair and upgrade a diverse and ever-increasing range of new and second-hand marine cranes.

Managing Director of Brimmond, Tom Murdoch, said: “Heila is a very strong strategic fit for us, and we’re excited to further develop our partnership as the exclusive UK and Ireland distributor, service partner and agent for Heila Marine Cranes.

“Confirming our commitment to providing our clients with a high-quality product and service, we recently invested in various marine cranes in a bid to reduce lead times for clients. We’re confident this will allow us to offer an even higher level of service to our customers, providing a greater product range and enhanced delivery options.”

Heila is a global leader in the manufacture of specialist heavy-duty marine cranes with over 700 customers worldwide. Heila’s manufacturing facility in Italy has several cranes currently in build for Brimmond stock with four fully foldable versions available to purchase now.

Technical Sales Manager of Brimmond, Paul Dingwall, said: “Following the impact of Covid-19, supply chains are struggling to source materials. This has translated into increased costs and even possible project delays.

“We pride ourselves on our high-quality service, which is a crucial reason for our ongoing client loyalty. The current for Brimmond to keep stock of Heila marine crane models which should assist our clients who require a quicker turnaround at a secure cost.”

Brimmond recently added two new fully equipped service vans for their experienced team of crane technicians who carry out servicing, maintenance and the UK and Ireland.

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