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Cygnus Instruments Takes a Huge Leap Forward in Ultrasonic Testing

Cygnus Instruments are well‑known for highly accurate, robust and easy‑to‑use ultrasonic thickness gauges and as pioneers of the multiple‑echo technique, which has long since been an industry standard for through‑ coating measurement of the material thickness of structures above and below water.

Cygnus’ New Ex-Rated Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge

Cygnus 1 Ex Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge is a rugged, IP67‑rated, intrinsically‑safe instrument, specially designed for reliable thickness measurement in Zone 0 Explosive Atmospheres. It is the only one of its kind in the world certified to ATEX, IECEx, UKEX for Zone 0 and NRTL for Class 1, Division 1.

The gauge provides a first-class experience in control and flexibility ‑ unmatched within intrinsically safe UT measurement. For the following industry applications, this is an invaluable leap forward for safety.

• Chemical, Oil and Gas Tankers;

• Oil and gas terminals and refineries;

• Offshore Platforms;

• Mobile Offshore Units;

• Hazardous Storage Tanks;

• Explosive Atmospheres.

For advanced users, the great news is the Manual Measuring Mode allows enhanced control of gates and gain, including Time-Controlled Gain (TCG). Comprehensive data logging offers linear, templates, 2D and 3D grid formats with 16 grid patterns, radial points, and measurement annotation functions – all of which can be managed on the gauge or in the Cyglink software along with data‑logger records, A‑scans, B‑scans and material velocity tables. Data management, reporting and analysis can be done seamlessly and effortlessly between the gauge and Cyglink.

The entire gauge from how it sits in your hand to measurement is geared for the best user experience and quick, easy inspection, despite the challenging environment. The display adaptable to indoor and outdoor lighting features 4 screens: Measurement, A‑Scan, Data‑logging, and B‑Scan while 4 quick function keys speed up control of dynamic functionality.

Cygnus Surface UT range has something for everyone

Designed for accurate measurement through coatings and extreme corrosion, Cygnus 2+ Hands Free, Cygnus 4+ General Purpose, and Cygnus 6+ Pro efficiently cater for multiple skill levels and an impressive number of applications. The 2+ is perfect for rope access or climbing, thanks to an end‑ mounted screen; the 6+ boasts a range of useful features for professional users, including A‑scan, B‑scan and comprehensive data logging as well as high-temperature measurement.

Ultrasonic Tightness Testing

Cygnus Hatch Sure offers a quick, reliable solution for weathertightness testing of vessel hatch covers and watertight integrity testing of doors or any closing appliances. This ABS-Type-approved and P&I‑club‑accepted ultrasonic hatch leak detector can perform a quick yet thorough tightness evaluation and identify any leaks with pinpoint accuracy; what’s more, the testing operation can be conducted by one man with minimal training whilst cargo remains in place!

Cygnus Subsea UT range for divers and ROVs

Cygnus’ 40 years of experience and expertise started in the marine industry and have translated into their rugged subsea range built to last and withstand the harshest conditions. For divers, the versatile Cygnus Dive wrist‑mountable gauge with a large colour display offers multi‑measuring modes, A‑scan and data logging whilst the original Cygnus Underwater diver‑held gauge has been widely used and recognised as the industry standard. Also available in the subsea range are three ROV mountable models: Mini ROV, ROV Mountable and ROV UTM with live A-scan.

All Cygnus products are manufactured in the UK. To learn more, simply visit:

Call +44 (0) 1305 265533

Quote “DOCK23” for 10% off a gauge.


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