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Demon Delivers Battery Cleaning to Dubai

Demon International have recently manufactured a skid mounted version of their battery pressure washer for the Dubai Government to start their green cleaning initiative.

Demon have worked hard over the last two years to improve their battery range of machines and have recently added a water-cooling system to prevent the batteries from overheating in warmer climates, these systems are becoming common practice with EV manufacturers. This system will prolong the length of time that the battery will last for the user, stop the batteries shutting down before they are fully discharged and elongate the overall battery life.

The machine supplied to the Dubai government consists of a skid mounted unit, with forklift eyes, that has a 900 litre water tank, 70 metre integral hose reel and the pump & battery plate. The 24 volt battery used in this unit will give the machine a constant trigger pull time of 3 hours from a single charge in optimal conditions, Demon International estimate this is an actual working run time of about 5 hours. It will outlast the water tank multiple times when the pressure is set at 11 litres per minute. This provides plenty of cleaning time throughout the day, especially when best practice is followed and the unit is put on to charge when not in use or when the water tank is being refilled.

Battery pressure washers are becoming increasingly popular in today’s commercial cleaning industry, especially as the battery technology is constantly evolving and allowing for more cleaning time & power. The future of industrial carbon free cleaning is becoming more promising by the day and Demon Internation hope that they have made a contribution to that with their world first range of industrial battery pressure washers.

Demon International also work with marinas, boatyards and shipbuilders worldwide offering a range of high pressure cleaning equipment for cleaning pontoons, slipways and more to ensure areas are clean and avoiding slip hazards. Demon International also work with contractors for cleaning Wind Farms and are able to manufacture equipment for the sole purpose of fitting to marine equipment for off-shore wind farm cleaning.

To find out more contact Demon International:

+44 (0)1752 690 690


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