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Expansion of the Naval Club at Nazaré

The Nazaré Naval Club, managing entity of Nazaré's marina facility, hired Lindley to improve and expand the marina's infrastructure in 2021.

The contract comprised the following activities, on the south side, steel piles of 508mm diameter were driven to improve mooring conditions and allow for larger boats. On the north side a new pier was installed of 60m long made of concrete pontoons (PFC model) with a composite decking, moored in steel piles and 10 to 12m fingers, made of aluminium and polyethylene floats allowing more berths for club members and boats up to 15 meters.

Was also part of the contract an expansion of 36m on the central pier also for boats up to 12m, here aluminium pontoons of Faro+ specifi cation polyethylene floats as well as aluminium fingers up to 10m.

The contract also included the installation of a touristic pier of 24m long also moored with steel piles, made of aluminium pontoons and polyethylene floats to support tourist activities in the area, known internationally for surfing of the giant waves of the north canyon.


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