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Further MM25 Skimmers Going to a Main UK Port

Zwanny Ltd is an independent, family run company with many years of experience inthe pollution industry. They stock and supply ABSORBENTS, SPILLKITS, OIL SKIMMERS OIL BOOMS and PORTBINS and provide a Total waste management service that includes spill clean up.

Zwanny’s aim is to make the environment a better place and they cover the whole of the UK. Recently, one of the major UK Ports groups, purchased, from Zwanny, another Lamor Minimax Skimmer system. This is to go together with the MM12 Skimmer that they have got in place the Port already. They now also have a MM25 to operate on its vessels in and around the two ports that they have got in The North of The UK.

The MM25 is a versatile Skimmer that can be supplied with brush, disc or drum options, and that can be changed from one type to the other in a very short period of time.

The MM25 will collect 95% of oils and less than 5% water and can be used on the majority of types of hydrocarbons.

The unit is powered by an diesel electric powerpack with a fitted spate pump. The great point is that this Skimmer system is in stock and can be supplied via Zwanny.

Zwanny-ltd would be happy to discuss your skimmer requirements, as they have a wide range of products to be able to supply the correct system for your application.

+44 (0)1633 968086


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