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HD Products Make Videos Come to Life

2020 is upon us and so begins a new decade! This February commemorates the fifth

anniversary of our founder’s untimely passing.

We are filled with pride that Jack Fisher’s legacy has continued and that JW Fishers has not only survived, but has grown in both sales and product breadth. JWF continues to update and improve our line of underwater search equipment, providing top notch support to all segments of the underwater exploration industry.

In 2016, all video and light systems were upgraded with LED lighting, replacing old filament bulbs. These LED’s have brightened up the video-product line and is much more efficient for operators. The ROV systems now boast 4400 lumens of light and the video systems all offer 3000 lumen lighting. In 2017, the SAR-1 underwater metal detector was introduced, which has been an incredible addition to the JW Fishers portfolio. The SAR-1 underwater metal detector showcases the same underlying technology of the award-winning Pulse 8X, but with a different housing, an easy to operate control system, “snareless” technology, a bright red LED readout, and a powerful vibration feature. The combination of these features offers the ideal equipment to excel in zero visibility environments when the mission is no-fail and safety is paramount. 2018 brought the updated Proton 5 to the market. The next generation of the widely popular Proton 4 magnetometer received a massive upgrade to an all-digital system. The most popular feature is the auto tuning capability, which allows the operator to tune geographic frequencies digitally rather than opening up the equipment to manually change the settings. Other new features are a 6" LCD display built into the control box, a towfish able to separate into two pieces, a Pelican® carry case, and easy to use software.

What does 2020 bring? It will be a big year for JW Fishers with all of our video

systems now coming standard with 1920x1080 (1080p) full-HD picture. The

TOV-2 HD Towed Video System, the DV-2 HD Dropped Video System, the DHC-2

HD Diver Held Camera System, and the MC-2 HD Mini Camera System will come standard with the new camera. These systems also come with LED lighting (3000 lumens), Kevlar reinforced cable, and a rugged commercial design. The HD picture quality will set the new standard for all JWF underwater video systems.

Not only have all video systems been upgraded, but the VRM-2 Video Recording Monitor has also been redesigned for HD capability. The control panel of the VRM-2 HD contains switches and controls to operate both the camera and lights. The built-in DVR recorder

is operated via a waterproof, touch keypad. A GPS is now included with the system and will transfer coordinates onto the screen and recorded video. Time and date stamps are also recorded and text overlay is possible with the addition of an included waterproof

USB keyboard. Finally, a microphone allows the topside viewer to record vocal notes while video is being recorded on an included 32GB SD card.

HD video is not the only thing that JW Fishers has been working diligently on; in the Spring, we will introduce our new 450/900 kHz CHIRP Side Scan Sonar system! We are in final testing phase and expect orders to start shipping mid-Q1 of 2020. February’s monthly news release will highlight the new system, which offers the popular CHIRP technology at a fraction of the cost of the competition. Stay tuned, because 2020 is going to be a big year.

Join in on the excitement and make JWF part of your team!


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