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Hydroscand UK Celebrates Great Place to Work Certification™ For Second Consecutive Year

Hydroscand UK, a leading supplier of hose and fittings, has been certified as a Great Place to Work®. This recognition is a testament to the company’s ongoing commitment to providing a positive work environment that values its employees.

Hydroscand Group started conducting a global employee satisfaction survey in 2022, with the purpose of getting a better understanding of employee morale, satisfaction, and engagement at Hydroscand. 

Last year Hydroscand were thrilled to receive certification.  So much of what was said was positive. There were a few ideas for improvement as well and, where possible Hydroscand have worked on those points over the past year.

This year, Hydroscand receieved a trust index score of 88, even higher than in 2022. 

The trust index encompasses five dimensions including the credibility of management, respect for people, fairness at the workplace, pride, and camaraderie between people.

“We are delighted to once again receive the Great Place to Work® Certification™, affirming that Hydroscand UK continues to be a workplace where our employees feel valued and look forward to coming to work.” said Rebecca Galley, Managing Director at Hydroscand UK.

The team expressed positive sentiments about working at Hydroscand.  They highlight a friendly atmosphere, and a strong sense of support and appreciation.  The company is described as a great place for skill development, with the management team personally knowing staff and customers, fostering a unique and valued connection. 

The organisation actively supports employees’ learning and development. 

The family-run feeling is maintained even within the context of an international group, and employees appreciate the caring approach of both upper management and colleagues.  The company’s commitment to work-life balance, mental well-being, and continuous learning contributes to a positive and fulfilling work environment.

As Hydroscand UK looks toward the future, the company remains dedicated to fostering a workplace culture that promotes collaboration, innovation, and employee satisfaction.

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