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Meet the New Glamox AL40-R:

A recessed indoor luminaire that’s custom-made for marine and offshore environments. It is both robust and aesthetically pleasing, developed for life at sea.

A modern and environmentally friendly solution Is it time to replace your older fluorescent luminaires? AL40-R is an environmentally friendly LED luminaire that fits nearly all marine ceilings, is easy to install, and has a B0 and B15 fire rating.* With integrated sensors and the possibility for both Glamox Connect and Dali 2, the AL-40R can easily be integrated into your existing or future LMS solution.

Great for social areas

The AL40-R is constructed to provide comfortable and glare-free lighting in locations where people – both crew and passengers – spend their time.

Be it offices, crew cabins, corridors, control rooms, gyms, public areas or the bridge, this luminaire will provide you with the light you need.


The AL40-R comes with the option for a marine-approved driver. This means that we can make it vibration-resistant for use in rougher environments like ferries and cruise vessels.

Customisation options available We know that some markets require different dimensions for their luminaires. That is why you can get the EL40-R in both Compact and Glamox Platform versions, where the latter is easier to upgrade and has room for larger cables.

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