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New LED Marine Navigation Lights From Glamox: Reliability, Energy Efficiency and Lifetime

Global LED lighting specialist Glamox has launched a new family of marine navigation lights with the very latest LED and driver technology, providing users with a navigation light that is unsurpassed in terms of its reliability, energy efficiency and lifetime.

The Series 75 family of LED navigation lights from Glamox

Navigation lights are all about safety. The new Series 75 family of LED navigation lights from Glamox was developed to make any concerns about failing lanterns redundant. The main and back-up systems are integrated in one housing. Long product lifetime was also a key priority when developing the navigation lights, which provide a lifetime of 100,000 hours at an ambient temperature of 45°C – twice the lifetime of most competing products. This lifetime was achieved by designing the Series 75 using high quality, robust and reliable components. These include a high quality LED driver, driver technology and the use of materials that can withstand harsh weather and fluctuating temperatures, such as seawater resistant aluminium, polycarbonate and tempered borosilicate glass. The system lifetime of the LED light source and driver is 11 years given a continuous runtime, 24 hours a day at an ambient temperature of 45°C.

Integrated Countdown System

Having a lantern reach its end-of-life or fail while the vessel is at sea is a safety issue that must be avoided. For this reason, the Series 75 is equipped with a smart, tamper-proof countdown system that gives the user a warning when it’s time to replace the lanterns.

Vandeet Raval, Product Manager at Glamox A/S comments: “To make the system tamper-proof, the timer is integrated in each lantern, while the message is communicated and displayed in the control panel. The system reflects the use of the lantern, whether it is exposed to cold temperatures and harsh weather or conditions with less wear and tear. This system provides added safety for the vessel.”

Series 75 navigation lights are suitable for vessels greater than 20 metres in length. The lights are available in a single version (Series 75), double version (Series 75D), single Arctic version (Series 75 Arctic) and double Arctic version (Series 75D Arctic). Arctic versions are suitable for use in low temperature areas and include a heating foil on the inside of the glass lens.

The Flexible Choice

Series 75 is designed to operate with the Aqua Signal Navigation light control panel, but they offer high flexibility as they also operate with third party panels. For vessels longer than 20 metres, a dual installation is required for Masthead, Starboard, Port and Stern. The lights are easy to install with only four bolts required to mount the unit, which can be installed upside down for all variants, with the exception of Port, Starboard and Masthead due to visibility angles in COLREG requirements.

Series 75 fulfils all the requirements of International Regulations for Preventing Collisions at Sea 1972 (COLREG) that are published by the International Maritime Organisation (IMO), as well as local regulations.

For more information on Glamox lighting solutions for commercial marine applications, please visit:

07968 261813


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