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Offshore Wind Farms: Generating Renewable Energy for the UK

Many of us in the UK like to bemoan the often dreary weather. Yet, there are some advantages to being the windiest country in Europe.

With the deepening of the climate crisis and the recent announcement that energy price caps will increase dramatically in April 2022, the demand for alternative renewable energy is rising. Fortunately, the UK is ideally placed to benefit from wind power: an entirely sustainable and limitless energy source. Since 2008, the UK has been the global leader in offshore wind, which provides sustainable, reliable and cost-effective energy supply to power millions of homes.

Not only does wind power have a positive impact on the health of our planet’s ecosystems, but it is also great news for Brits. We have seen first-hand what happens when gas prices and supply from overseas fluctuate, leading to the surge in energy prices we now face. But if the UK can provide the necessary levels of energy supply without depending on energy imports from abroad, it can gain better control over energy prices.

As a result, the generation and usage of wind power in the UK and Europe has rapidly accelerated in recent years. Half of the UK’s renewable energy comes from wind farming, and by 2030, it will get a third of its electricity from offshore wind.

Hydrosphere has been involved with the offshore renewable energy industry since the installation of the first offshore wind farm in 2003. They can supply solutions from single LED beacons to entire wind farm systems including: temporary solar lights, navigation buoys, navigation lights for fixed and floating structures, foghorns, remote monitoring, and data buoy platforms.


• Solar Powered Self Contained LED Navigation Lights

The Sabik M650H is an ideal 2NM light for marking monopoles whilst the Sabik M860 is suitable for temporary marking of larger structures requiring up to 6NM range. All lights are able to exhibit all standard IALA flash characters.

• World Leading Mobilis Navigation Buoys

The JET 9000Q high visibility buoy is particularly suited for offshore wind & wave renewable deployment. All buoys are compliant with IALA recommendations and have options for remote monitoring with alarms via GSM or satellite.


• Signage

Hydrosphere supply maintenance-free, night-time ID marking with illumination of up to 10cd/m2.

• Fog Signals and Detectors Hydrosphere offer a range of visibility detectors and 2.0NM to 0.5NM compact, omnidirectional foghorns emitting a 360 degree beam of sound, all designed for offshore use.

• LED Lights

They provide marine lanterns for use on offshore wind farms and MET masts with 5NM range, with optional GPS synchronisation.

• Monitoring and Control

Hydrosphere supply remote monitoring systems by GSM or satellite for controlling a set of fixed AtoN including: navigation lights, obstruction lights, fog signals, AIS, racons, signage, sonar transponders, two-way communication and GPS.


Sonar transponders, AIS transmitters, Racon, traffic surveillance systems, and radar target enhancers are available and can be easily installed on a navigation buoy.


All design, configuration, documentation, supply, installation, maintenance and removal of products is available.

+44 (0)1420 520374


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