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One Wrench to Rule Them All – Enerpac Announces HMT Series Modular Torque Wrenches

Designed to be interchangeable with a wide range of hydraulic torque wrenches and cassettes on the market, the new Enerpac HMT Series is a flexible, two-in-one tool can be used with a low-profile hex or square drive cassette. Its modular parts eliminate the need to select and purchase separate tools, thus helping reduce the cost of ownership.

The ATEX and CE approved Enerpac HMT Torque Wrenches are the most durable wrenches in their class, with

up to a 2.5X longer life expectancy than other leading tools. Housed in superior, lightweight alloys, the HMT provides strength and versatility to a variety of bolting applications, all in a single tool. When it comes to speed, Enerpac HMT Torque Wrenches have best-in-class efficiency and are up to 25% faster than competitor torque wrenches. It's low maintenance too, with only three moving parts; all of which are enclosed, minimising pinch points.

Additional features and benefits include: 30 degrees of stroke allowing up to 25% faster bolting than other known brands, while the tool's fine tooth ratchet prevents the tool from locking on, thus speeding up the bolting process.

Supplied with an ergonomic safety handle as standard, the Enerpac HMT Torque Wrenches include a push button, quick release, reversible Square Drive, while the HSQ square drive reaction arm has a single dial lock for rapid change. The Enerpac HMT Series’ square drive reaction arm also allows the body to move away from any obstacles.

Used with Hex sizes from 1 1/16" to 3 15/16" AF or 26 to 100 mm AF, the torque wrench has an accuracy of +/-3%. For additional safety, a link pin retainer prevents dropped objects.


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