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Solar Solve Marine Supplies Canadian Coast Guard Vessel

In January Solar Solve Marine received an order from the Canadian Coast Guard to supply 22 SOLASOLV® anti glare roller screens to the vessel CCGS Captain Molly Kool.

The screens are for the vessel formerly named Vikar Viking and is a converted medium class icebreaker. She was originally built as an icebreaking anchor handling tug for Trans Viking Icebreaking & Offshore in 2001. The vessel was acquired by the Canadian Coast Guard in August 2018 and was commissioned in May 2019 after her refit.

Since 1987 Solar Solve Marine has supplied more than 184,750 screens and roller blinds to over 19,170 vessels worldwide, and all products are ISO 9001:2015 quality assured. The company’s main product line is the well-known SOLASOLV® range of heat rejecting, anti-glare roller screens for navigation and control room windows.

The primary benefit of SOLASOLV® roller screens is to ensure safer navigation by reducing glare and reflection on display screens and bridge equipment so they are easier to read, and to provide a clear outward view without eye-strain.

Paul Hopkins, Sales and Marketing Executive for Solar Solve commented, “It is amazing that we get orders from all over the world. This one is a major coup because the Canadian Coast Guard is a major ship owner and does a terrific job along Canada's enormous 125,570 mile coastline. It effectively operates over an area of ocean and

inland waters of approximately 2.3 million square nautical miles. SOLASOLV® screens should be a big benefit to the vessel.”

Full details of Solar Solve Marine products are available from at:

+44 191 454 8595


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