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Transfluid Achieve DNVL-GL Type Approval for Marine Hybrid Modules and Batteries

Transfluid are proud to announce that they are the first company in the world to have obtained two DNV-GL Type approvals for their hybrid technology. The first, for their complete range of marine parallel hybrid modules and secondly for their LiFePO4

battery banks.

The battery type-approval also includes the Norwegian Maritime Authority (NMA) extension, a stricter list of requirements making the Transfluid batteries the safest, worldwide. The total absence of

carbon and graphite, avoid profoundly destructive “thermal runaway”,

which is one of the most extensive tests required to be undertaken to obtain DNV-GL and NMA approvals.

The parallel hybrid technology permits genuine redundancy on board. Propulsion comes from either the internal combustion engine or through the electric motor, connected to the same powertrain. Should an electrical blackout occur, the i.c.e. is capable of operating the propulsion system. In the event of i.c.e failure, the electric motor serves as a second means of power. This parallel technology can deliver “boost mode” mode for short bursts, adding the electric motor power to the i.c.e. power, achieving increased responsiveness under varying conditions.

The electric machine is both the motor and generator, allowing fast battery charging during i.c.e. operation, alleviating the need for shore recharging infrastructures, the most significant barrier towards a fully electric solution.

The innovative combination of Transfluid’s hybrid transmission and batteries in a plug and play supply, deliveries one of the safest and most reliable ‘green propulsion’ solutions, available in new build or as a retrofit option.

Transfluid’s heritage stems from more than 60 years of working on industrial applications with a combination of “traditional” mechanical and hydraulic products and the addition of the new permanent magnet electric technology.

Transfluid products are designed and manufactured in house, all while striving to exceed excellence and safety standards, and will continue long into the future as they work to obtain further type approval throughout 2020.


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