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Peel coastguard crews where called out to tackle an oil pollution incident in Peel harbour. On The Isle of Man, a team arrived at the scene and determined two boats next to each other to be the possible cause of the pollution.

A number of Zwanny MOB20 booms were placed around the two vessels and further booms placed downstream to prevent further oil spreading.

The coastguard handed over control of the cleanup operation to the department of infrastructure and returned to the station just under two hours after being called out.

The MOB20 is one type of boom Zwanny keeps in stock: comprising of an outer plastic netting that contains a spun-bond inner sock which in turn holds 100% recycled polypropylene, the boom has strong roping along the entire length of the boom.

The booms feature rust proof snap hooks 60cm in from each end along with sturdy rust proof rings at each end, to connect further sections to each other.

The normal sizes are 20cm x 3m long and would absorb over 80 litres a section. We are able to offer longer sections up to 30m if needed.

The boom will only absorb hydrocarbons and no water, they still will retain buoyancy and barrier effect even when fully saturated.

The boom can be used for fresh water applications and will work well in ports/marina’s. It can also be used for offshore applications.

When your company/port is looking for further booms that might be required why not get in contact with Zwanny Ltd to discuss your marine boom application.

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