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Eco-Friendly Dustless Blasting from ESL for Marine and Offshore

ESL are proud to partner with leading German manufacturer Torbo to exclusively supply eco-friendly dustless blasting solutions in the UK for the marine and offshore industry.

The patented blasting systems permits virtually dust-free and effective sandblasting which is more environmentally friendly than the traditional method. This special blasting process meets the highest standards of precise and specific cleaning performance.

Many shipyards are adjacent to or near towns and cities which can cause problems with wind which carries dust. Torbo dustless blasting eliminates this for a durable, economical and environmentally friendly solution.

These blasting machines are also important in protecting the health of workers without the hazards of dust related activity.

The Torbo L120 was used recently in a prestigious project on the Queen Elisabeth 2, pictured here, for a complete overhaul. The L120 is small enough to be moved around with ease but powerful enough to clean and profile a variety of surfaces.

Benefits of Torbo technology:

  • 95% Less dust;

  • 60% Less consumption of blasting media and water;

  • 100% Sustainable.

Torbo machines are prefect for cleaning, maintaining and restoring all types of marine vessels from steel and aluminium to wood and fibreglass and for offshore industrial cleaning projects.

Please visit the website or contact ESL to find out more or for a free demonstration.

01543 449259

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