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Nautilus Hook – The new safety standard

NAUTILUS Rigging (UK) Ltd are the leading innovators of safe lifting equipment, the patented “Nautilus Hook” design incorporates unique safety features which significantly enhance personal safety for all general lifting hook applications. Setting a new workplace standard.

Nautilus Hooks are widely recognised as the “next generation” of general lifting hooks, the unique design takes the evolution of lifting hooks to a peak level of development and sets a new standard for personal safety in lifting hooks. The integrated safety handle and side mounted locking mechanism eliminate the risk of, potentially serious, pinch and trap hand or finger injuries while providing the user a simple, easier, and ergonomic one handed operation.

These patented safety features were the deciding factors in the American Society of Mechanical Engineers awarding the Nautilus Hook design as worthy winners of their prestigious, Best Mechanical Engineering Award at the Offshore Technology Conference in Houston.

Managing Director, Bill Toon advised

“We are delighted at the response and positive feedback that we constantly receive from organizations who have adopted Nautilus Hooks as the absolute safest type of lifting hook. Users of Nautilus Hooks recognize the immediate operational and safety benefits of the patented design features, in particular the combination of a separate safety handle and unobstructed handle space together with the side mounted, thumb operated, lock actuator provides a unique operating mode “in the plane of the hook main face” which changes the fundamental operating method of the hook, from the forward wrist bending motion of traditional hooks, to an ergonomic rotational wrist motion.

In practical terms this makes the Nautilus Hook very easy to operate, giving the hook a “light” feel which is particularly beneficial in the larger size/rated hooks which, although a heavy piece of kit, remain an easy one handed operation to open the hook. Users comment how easy and quick it is to discharge the master link or sling from the Nautilus Hook, this is due to the unique internal profile of the load bearing portion which self-discharges the link or sling as the hook is fully opened thereby eliminating any need to “jump” the link out of the hook which is a known contributing factor to the wrist strain associated with the use of the outdated “latch lock” style traditional hooks".

The company has produced excellent short videos detailing the unique operational and safety benefits of the innovative Nautilus Hooks which can be viewed from the home page at:

Nautilus Hooks are available with SWL from 4t to 22t, with swivel, eye, or clevis tops to suit all applications. Nautilus Hooks are manufactured to international standards and the company provides fully certified chain or wire assemblies customized to your requirement or bare hooks to retro-fit existing equipment.

For quotes or enquiries email:

Nautilus Hooks are the cost efficient solution to eliminating risks associated with the use of traditional hooks, proven to significantly improve operational safety the Nautilus Hook is the new safety standard in general lifting hooks. By adopting Nautilus Hooks organizations can align best practice with the stated objectives of their corporate safety policies, and meet the regulatory requirements of PUWER 98 to provide the safest possible equipment that reduces risk, with the common goal of reducing risk and improving workplace safety.

Safety!, It’s in your Hands!

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