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Product of the Month: Oil ~Recovery Bucket LRB 250W

Zwanny featured at Seawork International 2017 in June and the exhibition proved a success for them as they attended alongside Lamor. Zwanny Ltd were able to meet new customers and receive plenty of enquiries regarding absorbents, skimmers and oil booms in the Lamor range.

Lamor is one of the largest oil pollution equipment manufacturers in the world with a number of factories in Scandinavia and Spain for boom tanks, skimmers, pumps and vessels. Lamor have many years of experience creating new products for all oil pollution issues and recovery of hydrocarbons being on water or land. The difference between Lamor and many other competitors are that Lamor have the equipment available, in stock and ready for a quick turnaround. Why wait for 6-12 weeks for a section of boom or a skimmer when this can be achieved sooner? Product of the Month: Oil Recovery Bucket LBR 250W With Summer in the air, it is an ideal time to look to cleaning up ponds with oil spills or excavating work, whereby oil is present. Lamor have created an oil recovery bucket that can be fitted to any excavator boom. The LRB is based on the Lamor stiff brush wheel technology and it offers the highest possible performance and safety levels in oil spill recovery operations.

It combines the efficient cleaning of the Lamor Brush wheel enahnce by the proven pumping performance of an optional positive displacement Lamor Archimedes screw type of pump. The skimmer brush can be operated in both directions depending of the oil type, The LRB system in not effected by any floating debris found in an oil spill. The skimmer automatically separates oil, emulsions and oily debris from seawater or soils. The Recovered oil normally contains less than 5% of free water. The LRB system can be deployed rapidly and with a very small crew the unit can be operated remotely and has got EX zone 1 approvals for use. Features and Benefits - High oil recovery capacity - Recovery of light ot heavy oils and bitumen - Not affected by debis - Pump feeding transfer screw - Robust steel construction - Usage on land, offshore & Arctic Conditions - Certified recovery capacity - Single operator Contact Zwanny Ltd for this product that is on offer in 3 types and models:

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