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Veracel Celulose contracted Damen for a dredging solution to keep their maritime terminal accessible

Veracel Celulose, one of the world’s most advanced pulp manufacturers, has found Damen in their quest for a solution to keep their maritime terminal at sufficient water depth. Jointly Veracel and Damen evaluated the situation on site and developed a solution to maintain the terminal water depth.

The solution was a combination of a submersible dredge pump, type DOP 250, and a Booster station, type BS 250. To improve the dredging efficiency the DOP Pump is equipped with a mining head fitted out with jet water nozzles, specially designed to loosen the sand. The pressurised water is delivered to the nozzles by a separate diesel driven jet water set. The DOP 250 pumps the dredged material over a distance of 450m to the Booster Station, which than transports the mixture for another 800m to the desired discharge location.

Besides the equipment Damen delivered an extensive training and commissioning package performed by one of Damen’s dredge masters assisted by the technicians of the Rio de Janeiro based Damen Service Hub. The training enabled Veracel to fully use and maintain their equipment within two weeks after delivery. The Service Hub in Rio ensures Veracel of 24/7 service to their equipment when needed.

Veracel has ordered a Production Measuring Unit as an add-on to their equipment. The PMU will enable Veracel to real time measure the dry sand production which will help to increase efficiency even further. The PMU has been enhanced to be used in Veracel’s remote equipment monitoring system.

Damen is very pleased to have been able to supply Veracel a turnkey solution for the dredging of their port.

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