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Carmanah Technologies Corp. acquired Vega Industries Limited on 1st August 2017.This acquisition has brought together Sabik Marine, Carmanah, Ekta and Vega to create a global leader in the marine aids-to-navigation market.

Our combined portfolio of products and systems includes marine aids to navigation for coast guards, marine authorities, navies, and ports around the globe. Our dependable and efficient products provide energy-optimized LED solutions that combine the greatest cost savings with the highest environmental sensitivity. Through the combined expertise of Vega, Sabik, Carmanah, and Ekta, we will continue to provide our marine customers the best-in-class marine aids-to-navigation solutions around the world. We will be able to share research and development resources for improved product development and offer even stronger levels of customer and sales support for a better experience for our valued customers. One of our latest product development innovations is the Sabik Bluetooth® Control app based on Bluetooth® Smart technology. The advanced Sabik Bluetooth® Control app revolutionized the programming and control of marine lanterns with an easy to use interface and built-in intelligence. With Sabik Bluetooth® Control app it is easy and safe to check your lantern from the vessel or quayside without climbing onto a buoy or beacon. All you need in the field is your smartphone or tablet and the free Sabik Bluetooth® Control app. During the last years the app availability has already been expanded to a comprehensive range of sophisticated marine lanterns for different marine applications.

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