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Damen and Corrosion host anti-fouling seminar

On Friday the 15th of September, a seminar was held at the Rydes hotel in Wellington, New Zealand, which brought together representatives from Damen and Corrosion as well as Corrosion’s regional agent, Bowmar. The event focused on the prevention of fouling on box coolers and the benefits presented by Corrosion’s Impressed Current Anti-Fouling (ICAF) system.

Present at the event were a number of vessel owners, including Damen client Centreport Wellington, operator of two Damen ASD Tugs 2411. Centreport will have a webserver on board one its Damen vessels, named the Tiaki, which collects data extrapolated from the ICAF system in real time. This will be implemented during an upcoming drydocking period.

Vessel owners, including Centreport, have been very impressed by the data collected in such trials. Andrew Stevens from Damen’s Service Hub in Brisbane, said, “Damen can supply a package of parts for such a system, which will serve a vessel in-between its 5-year dockings. Included in the package are the ICAF anodes. Through our Service Hubs, we are able to organise the skilled labour to carry out the installation and commissioning.”

Corrosion has been working closely together with Damen setting up a service network covering Australia and outreaching New Zealand as well. Spares and services can be delivered either through Damen or though Corrosion’s own network, whatever suits the client best.

Marcel Qualm, Service manager at Corrosion, said, “Worldwide, Corrosion has over 5800 ICAF systems in active service. We are aware that clients’ awareness of the ICAF system is essential in order to achieve optimum results. To that end, we like to invest in that to achieve the best performance. This seminar is a clear example of this philosophy in action.”

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