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Dynamic Positioning enabled vessels such as PSV (Platform Support Vessels), OSV (Offshore Support Vessel), DSV (Diving Support Vessel), Ocean Research Vessels or any other type of vessel that require the ability to retain station and maintain bow heading without using anchors or other external system often rely on a computer driven solution that will automatically control numerous propulsion elements.

These elements are primarily the bow and stern thrusters along with the main propulsion system, which maintain the vessel within a certain reference frame controlled by satellite (GPS).

The choice of propulsion system that would enable the desired smooth, fast and precise reaction was until now limited to either diesel electric or a fully hybrid propulsion system.

Users were finding whilst these systems were extremely reliable and flexible, they were also complex and expensive to operate.

The Twin Disc Quickshift clutch technology combined with an extension of the Twin Disc proprietary EC300 electronic control system called EC300DP allows dynamic positioning operation to standard diesel driven fixed pitch propellers, at a fraction of the cost and without the complexity.

The solution is based on an existing dynamic positioning system, engineered and supplied by a DP specialist, along with a standard diesel engine propulsion package, comprising of Twin Disc MGX marine reverse gears available from 250 to 2500Hp, standard shaftlines and fixed pitch propellers.

Engine and gears are controlled by the Twin Disc EC300 electronic control system with an extended EC300DP module interfacing with most other DP systems currently available on the market.

The ability of the MGX clutches when combined with the EC300 and EC300DP enables the operator to execute a high number of clutch engagements. Slipping the clutch continuously at limited Rpm allows multiple manoeuvers as requested by the DP system.

For the user, the combination of the MGX clutch and EC300DP reduces the propulsion system complexity of a DP enabled vessel, providing a cost effective solution without compromising on the accuracy of the vessels positioning or the reliability of the various components within the propulsion line.

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