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Partnership will offer enhanced monitoring system for vessels.

Marine innovation company Reygar has partnered with Idea SBA to offer an enhanced ship management and preventative maintenance system for fleet and ship managers.

The new partnership will give users of Idea SBA’s ship management software access to BareFLEET, Reygar’s award-winning remote fleet monitoring system, in a move that provides an early warning of potential machinery problems before they become expensive to fix.

The software provided by Idea SBA facilitates seamless communication of all aspects of ship management between ships and the shore. Crew on board the vessel enter data into an app – from engine running hours to daily checks carried out – which then syncs across the system and transmits back to shore.

Under the new partnership, those who rely on the SBA software will also be able to access the BareFLEET system, which automatically records engine hours, alarms and ship performance data.

“BareFLEET captures a host of valuable data, including machinery health and alarms, fuel efficiency, trip distance, vibration, vessel motion, impact and navigational information,” said Reygar Managing Director, Chris Huxley-Reynard.

“It does this automatically, which saves time compared to entering the same data manually, as well as making it more accurate and up to date. Importantly, the combination of the two systems provides a highly functional preventative maintenance platform which automatically identifies issues early, and raises appropriate crew actions to diagnose and resolve them before incurring vessel downtime and significant expense.”

SpecTec IDEA GmbH, located in Dusseldorf Germany, was founded in 2001 and taken over by SpecTec in 2007. Since 2001, SpecTec IDEA has been developing and distributing its yacht management software IDEA.NET. With the launch of IDEA SBA at the beginning of 2017, the company expanded its field of business. The software provides tools to manage fleets for regulatory compliance, planned and predictive maintenance as well as purchasing and inventory control.

Managing Director Tobias Allebrodt looks forward to a successful future partnership with Reygar: “This partnership provides a great platform for a beneficial collaboration for both our companies. We are thrilled to get the chance to create an outstanding system to prevent equipment and inventory breakdowns at an early stage, creating a highly innovative maintenance platform.”

Visit Reygar at Seawork International 2018 on stand PO67 to find out more about BareFLEET, including a demonstration.

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