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Marine innovation company Reygar has developed Digital- DPR, a new system that allows Masters to manually enter vessel reporting information, which is combined with the data captured automatically by its awardwinning BareFLEET system.

Officially launched at Seawork in 2017, BareFLEET automatically records a host of fleet monitoring data, including machinery health and alarms, fuel efficiency, vessel motion and navigational information. Digital-DPR allows the vessel’s Master to enter daily report information into a console that would otherwise be difficult to capture automatically, such as personnel on board, drills performed, personnel transfers and bunker levels.

The data captured by Digital-DPR is automatically combined with information gathered by BareFLEET and sent back to shore. As the name suggests, accurate and timely DPR’s (daily progress reports) can be automatically generated.

The new system has been developed through Reygar’s close cooperation with CWind, which uses BareFLEET across its entire fleet of Crew Transfer Vessels (CTVs).

“We’ve been working closely with CWind on how we can enhance BareFLEET and in particular help to reduce their reporting burden. The Digital-DPR is an exciting step forward,” said Reygar Managing Director, Chris Huxley-Reynard. “Essentially, Digital-DPR offers a major enhancement to BareFLEET by allowing for the vast amount of data that’s automatically captured to be combined with information that fleet managers rely on their Master and crew to provide. The result is an unparalleled level of insight, which can be tailored when generating reports to suit the needs of internal company or customer reporting requirements.”

Owned by Global Marine Group, CWind’s CTVs play a big role in facilitating turbine construction and maintenance for wind turbine operators and the company relies on the data gathered by BareFLEET to reduce vessel downtime and help use staff resources efficiently. The level of information it is able to share has also helped CWind to secure new contracts.

“We’re proud to be leading the way in the specification and adoption of this new technology,” said Josh Brennan, Head of Fleet CTV at CWind. “Using Digital-DPR alongside BareFLEET helps us to better monitor fleet performance and personnel activity on a day to day basis, plus provides a host of valuable information that can be easily captured and shared with our clients.”

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