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Dockyard Magazine chats to Jacques Van Mill, Managing Director of Marine Equipment Services (MES) – an international provider of marine deck equipment. MES has recently completed a move to new facilities and is now poised for the next phase of their business.

Q. Welcome to Dockyard Magazine, straight to it Jacques, please tell us a bit about yourself and your experience in providing marine equipment and services….....

A. In 1983 I was involved within the Marine Industry supplying Deck Mooring Equipment, as youngster I started at the workshop and in the field and later on commercially at the office.

Q. Is it possible to summarize the products and services you offer and geographically where do you deliver to?...

A. We have decided to stock approx 10 products in a wide range and we try to avoid saying NO to potential clients. The Smit Brackets, Deck Mounted Panama Chocks, Universal Roller Fairleads, Swivelhead Fairleads, EU Universal Rollers and MES Dolphin anchors are stock standard products that we can deliver in the same day worldwide to our clients.

Q. What is your favoured/most popular product and would you know what that might be?...

A. Difficult to say, all standard stock products are the backbone of our portfolio, what is important for us is that the client is happy, we deliver what they require and within an agreed timeframe. We have standard flyers on our website with dimensions tables, these are easy to download and useful for the project/ purchasing managers.

Q. So you have just moved into new facilities in Werkendam, The Netherlands – what prompted the move and how do you see that assisting your business moving forwards?...

A. Our new warehouse is situated in Werkendam, Hulsenboschstraat 23, 4251 LR, a maritime known town in The Netherlands with great facilities to support our clients. The standard products are stored on pallets for quick delivery on the trucks and also important is that it is located close to where I live, which avoids delays on the road and gives us quick turnarounds.

Q. Why MES? What differentiates you from your competition both locally and internationally?...

A. We have good competitive pricing and high quality level, all our products are certified, we have 1 : 1 contact and direct Lines 24/7. We believe this makes the difference and our growing customer base seems to back that up!

Q. From a European perspective, is the market place currently buoyant and has the looming Brexit had an impact at all in working with UK companies/ individuals?...

A. We are working worldwide but do have a lot of English Clients who are also not aware of what will come after the Brexit is formal. We will see what happens and whether it will be cost effective for us.

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