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Large manufacturers are keen to support and supply large orders but often the smaller ones attract less effort. SML Marine Paints are the largest distributor of Jotun Marine paints in the UK and pride themselves on offering the same level of service and discounts on every order - not just the ones for big projects. SML is unique in only supplying paints and coatings from the one manufacturer. “We focus on the Jotun brand because we believe it to not only be the best quality paint but also the best value for money paint in the market today. Concentrating on the one brand also means we carry extensive stocks, get the best prices and know the Jotun products inside out”, says Malcom Johnston, Owner.

SML says that it sees no reason to stock a lesser product just because it is better known. “We know that Jotun is well known amongst the large fleets but lesser so in the smaller companies. Brands that spend a lot of money in advertising and promoting to these companies often charge more for what we consider to be similar or inferior products” says Malcolm. Some of SML’s customers could be considered ‘not worth the effort’ to the large paint company reps, SML can provide the same quality products, quantities and account facilities but with the kind of customer service and level of support that a large shipyard would expect.

SML also store all their paint in a temperature and humidity controlled environment and package everything to ensure the products arrive in the best possible condition ready for application. “It is the attention to detail that we know our regular customers appreciate, they know they can speak to someone with genuine experience and knowledge of the product then place an order (before 2pm) and get it next day with all the application guides and data sheets printed ready for use” Malcolm continues.

“We must be doing something right, some of our customers are big enough to have an account direct with a manufacturer but prefer the extra attention they get from us. It is a competitive market out there and everyone is looking for the best prices. However, if an order does not arrive on time or is damaged or incomplete due to cost savings from suppliers, the customer suffers. We go out of our way to make ordering paint for a project something you shouldn’t have to worry about.”

SML Marine Paints can be contacted by calling: 01285 862132

Or visiting their website at:

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