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Leading maritime ropes supplier, Lankhorst Ropes, announces the maritime industry’s first fluorescent mooring rope, one of the many new safety and performance Lankhorst rope developments at SMM 2018 on Booth no. A1.312. Also featured will be the Lankonect synthetic fibre rope connection providing tug operators with a quicker and safer connection during towing, new reflective Lankoforce rope for towing and mooring and enhanced spliced eye protection to reduce abrasion.

Fluorescent mooring

Tipto Winchline is a dedicated floating mooring line developed especially for self-tensioning winches. The addition of a phosphorescent tracer yarn in the rope’s outer jacket allows the rope to glow in the dark increasing the visibility of the rope and producing a pleasing visual effect of the moored vessel. Its load-bearing 7 strand core combines high strength and relatively low elongation. The outer non-load-bearing braided jacket also provides protection of the core for longer service life and increases crew-safety by minimizing the risk of snap-back. Lankonect – quicker, safer towing Providing tug operators with a quicker and safer connection during towing, Lankonect is a synthetic fibre rope connection for the main tow line that replaces a conventional cow hitch, shackle or similar hardware. A typical tow line configuration comprises a main towing line with a forerunner, and perhaps a stretcher, as well as a cow hitch or connector hardware. Labourious and time consuming to make up, there is also a risk of a break in the costly main line and forerunner from overpulling. The Lankonect enables a new approach to tow line assembly by removing the need for a cow hitch knot or hardware. It also allows tug operators to set a calculated breaking force for the tow line configuration.

Lankoforce – strong and reflective Also featured on the Lankhorst Ropes booth will be the Lankoforce rope with a reflective tape braided into the Dyneema jacket giving the rope greater visibility and enabling crew to work safely for longer. The 12 strand braided rope made of Dyneema yarns, is stronger than conventional steel wire rope, yet the corresponding weight is 7 times lower. For these reasons, it is widely used an excellent alternative for heavy and lumbersome steel wire ropes in situations requiring manual handling of the rope.

Recently Lankhorst Ropes has supplied Lankoforce reflective anchor lines for the 5,000 ton floating sheerleg crane Asian Hercules III. The Lankoforce anchor lines moor the barge during lifting operations; the rope’s low stretch provides a high level of stability while the sheerleg crane is operating. The reflective tape increase visibility in the often crowded area during operations.

Improved Eye Abrasion Resistance

As standard, most of the Lankhorst Ropes’ mooring ropes now include improved eye resistance to abrasion with a Defender jacket made from polyester yarns and with a protective coating. The jacket is added to the mooring rope during splice make-up.


Lankhorst Ropes was a member of the Oil Companies International Marine Forum multi-disciplinary working group has been closely involved with the development of the Mooring Equipment Guidelines (MEG4) for the safe mooring of tankers and gas carriers at terminals.

Visitors to the Lankhorst Ropes booth will also have the opportunity to discuss the guidelines for safe mooring for ships and terminals.

For more details of Lankhorst Ropes at SMM 2018, email:

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