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Unveiled earlier in the year at Seawork 2018, the Doosan Marine Engine 4L126TI is one of Doosan’s most anticipated new models in the marine engine range.

All European dealers of the Korean multinational participated in the official presentation of the “new entry” with clear satisfaction from the manufacturer for the interest and positive feedback from the market’s operators.

The new Doosan Infracore marine engine, called 4L126TI, 6-cylinder inline, 11 liters displacement, 4 valves, with mechanical injection system and Turbo Intercooler. This new model marks an important step forward in the expansion of the powers available for the In-line range of the Doosan marine engines line up: from the current 360HP to 450 HP as the maximum power available for Heavy Duty, keeping the elements of compactness, robustness and reliability so appreciated from Doosan’s customers.

Different powers are available, depending on the type of use:

- Heavy Duty (450 HP @ 2000 rpm)

- Medium Duty (495 HP @ 2100 rpm)

- Light Duty (545 HP @ 2200 rpm)

Also included in the standard scope of supply is the new panel control, digital and color, which offers immediate and complete information of all engine’s operating parameters (tachometer, temperatures, pressures) as well as the possibility to integrate, thanks to the availability of additional channels, a series of functions (CCTV, GPS, USB, etc.).

News does not finish there... Doosan is keeping working for the immediate future. Still with reference to the marine business, the Korean manufacturer is in the process of developing and introducing into the market its range of electronic engines with common rail injection system. This will be a completely new line up, integrating the one currently available, which expands the product portfolio to adapt to any market / application requirement.

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