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In September, Swathe Services ran a Multi-Beam Echo-Sounder (MBES) and mobile laser training course for Hydrographic surveyors from their HQ in Cornwall. Swathe Services is the only organisation in the UK that run hands-on practical training based around the latest HYPACK/ HYSWEEP software.

People came from all over the UK to attend the bi-annual training event. With surveyors from ABP Humber & Southampton, Jersey Ports, Plymouth based ECOSPAN and Canal and River Trust among the attendees.

Managing Director James Williams said: “We had a great response to the 5-day training course. It covered installation, calibration, operation, data gathering and processing of hydrographic survey data using HYPACK’s HYSWEEP software.

The delegates got plenty of hands-on experience with MBES and vessel mounted Laser Scanning data using HYSWEEP on board the MV Tiger Lilly based at Mylor Harbour near Falmouth and everyone was impressed with the kit.”

Delegates commented: “Training was invaluable and I learnt a lot. The size of the course was about right and my knowledge of the software and my understanding of it has greatly improved”.

“The memory stick we received with the manuals, articles and slides on it has already proved extremely useful. Overall the course was extremely well run and would recommend it.”

The course gave attendees a great way to experience HYPACK and view a particular MBES/Laser Scanner setup and is extremely valuable for surveyors or graduates looking to improve their knowledge and expertise.

Swathe Services run these MBES courses twice a year. If you are interested in finding out more, register your interest here:

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